Victoria believes that being ‘fashionable’ isn’t about wearing loud, ‘trendy’ clothes, it’s about having a style and attitude towards life that simply reflect design and fashion. Victoria’s philosophy “Details in Simple” highlights how glamour can be richly portrayed through subtle and simple styling, an ethos that demonstrates her unique perspective of fashion as a firm but gentle design statement.

As such Victoria’s designs win the hearts of women everywhere because they effortlessly carry off conventional sophistication with subtle twists to reflect each woman’s desire to express her own uniqueness. Each season’s collection pays particular attention to little details that become elegant distinguishing features for the wearer. Instead of black or dreary tones, Victoria favours bright and vibrant colours that bring people closer to her technicoloured dreams. Dream analysers have often asked whether people dream in black and white or colour? “bread n butter” dreams in Fuchsia, Dusty Purple, Marmalade, Royal Blue, and Turquoise to name but a few! Through these colours, Victoria articulately describes the essence of glamour.